About monzee

デザイナーYuki はゴルフのメッカ、南カルフォルニアに位置するカールスバッドで育ち小さい頃からゴルフと音楽と共に生活を送っていました。

A "monzee" is an imaginary cross between a monkey and a chimpanzee.
Golf is a fun sport where players advance the game while surviving in the forest. Monkeys can swiftly slip through the forest. 
The "monkey" in the brand name comes from this ability.
Designer Yuki grew up in Carlsbad the golfing mecca of southern California, living with golf and music from a young age.
Yuki boasts a best score of 62 and keeps on working to beat that score.
While spending his days of golfing, he continues to offer ideas for essential golf items.